Our Gypsy Vacation

I started writing a book about two years ago… I wrote about sixty-five pages and then it petered out; I may come back to it eventually, but I bring it up because it started with my girlfriends—a lot of what I wrote was based on real experiences. I have THE best group of girlfriends—you may think you do, but truly, it’s me. We’re a little obsessed with each other, and love each other a lot. My friend Katy’s husband once said that we all love each other too much. (No we don’t. It’s the perfect amount.)

Anyways, we do a lot of fun things together, like go to fun events around the city, have pool parties, go to Nashville, plan ladies weekends, start a fantasy football league (called Breast League ever), travel to Mexico for our friend’s wedding (mine), and just hang out together and laugh—or cry, depending on the day—and eat snacks.


This us, being cute, at Mary’s baby shower this summer.

Almost two weeks ago now, my friend Katy and I went to visit our friend Kara, who just moved out to San Diego to be a travel nurse. We miss her A LOT. We had a lot of fun, drank a lot of beer, and saw a lot of weird outfits. Want to hear more about it? Read on my friends.

P.S. Lady Friends: I promise to include a story of all of us ASAP!

Our adventure began with Katy and her dad coming to pick me up for the airport. Katy being the nice person she is, came to the door to see if I needed help. My husband Steve and I had been sitting at the table chatting—because per usual, I was ready fifteen minutes early.

As Katy walked up, Steve hopped up from his seat, “I’m in my underwear!” he exclaimed, bug-eyed. He frantically searched for something in the kitchen to cover himself up. I opened the door, ignoring him, and Katy came in. Steve hurriedly grabbed a hoodie and wrapped it around his waist (but backwards, awkwardly), and nervously greeted Katy, “Hi Katy…”  He shuffled sideways, closer to the table, “I’m in my underwear…”

Katy was nonchalant: “I honestly wouldn’t have noticed if you hadn’t been so weird about it!” We laughed, I kissed my hubby and my fur babies, and we set out.

We left with plenty of time before our flight because we figured Friday night would probably be pretty busy at the airport. Nay my friends. In the first 10 minutes of being there, Katy and I did the following:

  • skipped checking in (already done on our phones, no checked bags, digital boarding passes),
  • went all the way through security (IDs checked, shoes off, awkward pose for five seconds, hurry to get your shit out of everyone else’s way),
  • and found a table to go get beer!

This is not an exaggeration. Katy’s dad dropped us at the Southwest terminal right at 5:00. And I wrote these events down in my notebook while I waited for my beer (and Katy) at 5:13. It was THE. BEST.

And just to clarify, if any of my tens of readers do not already realize this: we were at a Chicago airport. On a Friday night.

We couldn’t believe our luck! It was an excellent way to start the trip.

As Katy returned with our beverages I told her I was trying to think of a good hashtag for our ladies trip. “All I can think of is #SandiLadies.”

“No,” she shook her head as she took a sip of her beer.

“I know. It makes me think of sandy ladies. Like, vaginas.”

“Yes. It’s horrible.”

We decided to go with #VisitingOurGypsy since Kara’s hashtag for all of her traveling adventures is #MyGypsyLife. However, I kept saying #SandiLadies all weekend because although kind of gross, it made me laugh when Katy would shout about it.

Our plane activities included watching a man play some sort of snake game on his iPad, watching that same man’s map of our travel, drinking beverages—well, attempting to chug the last one, since we got it five minutes before we had to get rid of all our garbage—and playing 20 Questions, which Katy had never played.

I explained the rules for 20 Questions and gave her an example run. I chose Harry Potter. Easy one, even if you’re not playing with me. She got it in like seven questions, possibly fewer. Then I told Katy she could pick anything.


“Yes! Whatever pops into your mind.”

“Ok… I’m ready.”

Is it a person? No. Is it an animal? No. Is it a place? No. Is it an object? Yes. Is it something you eat? No. Is it something I use on a daily basis? No. Is it something in my house? I don’t think so… 

What did Katy choose you ask? A Polaroid camera. Literally the hardest game of 20 Questions I have ever played.

Another example of Katy’s picks: Oregon Trail.

Is it a place? Yes. Is it somewhere I’ve been? Digitally, yes. Has Steve been there? If he hasn’t he’s a loser…

Touché, Katy. You are the champion.

We also discussed the man whose game of snake and travel tracker we kept watching.

“What do you think his name is?” I asked.

No hesitation, Katy said, “Ken.”

“How do you know that?”

“He opened his email, and it had his name: Ken,” she shrugged. Mystery (fun) over.

After our eventful flight, Kara picked us up and we did a lot of hugging. We went to her apartment, chatted, and had some drinks.

Day 2 of the #SandiLadies trip/ #VisitingOurGypsy brought us a number of exciting adventures.

We did brunch overlooking the Pacific at a place called Wonderland, where we watched the surfers and cooed over the dogs everywhere—or I did at least. I also ate an enchilada with eggs. Oh. My. God. I would eat that every day. It was unbelievably delicioso.

Then we went to La Jolla (pronounced La Hoya, you noobs) to see the seals. It was honestly one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. They were lounging, playing, posing, swimming, and shouting. I made friends (from a safe distance) with this guy. I named him Randall. Notice he is posing for our photo.


All of a sudden, Sea World was there. One of the seals had fishing line wrapped around his neck. A nice man had called them. As they approached, Randall the seal was trying to protect his friend, but then bailed when they got too close with the net.

I can’t lie, I got a little upset and had to look away as they captured him. I cried a little.

“Becca, it’s ok. They are here to help him. They’re going to bring him back when he’s better,” Katy tried to console me.

“Ugh, I know. But his friends don’t know that! It’s sad. They are probably worried about him. They don’t know where he’s going, or that he’s safe.”

“They’re seals!”

I cheered up after we listened to Sea World explain how they were going to help the seal get better, and that they would bring him back after a few weeks. They also took a bird who had something wrong with him, too. I missed that part though.


Following our seal watching, we did some more walking along the coast and down a pier. Katy and Kara got splashed by a wave, and then we went to this cute little area with shops and food and drinks. I don’t remember its name, nor do I feel like texting Kara right now to find out. (Sorry.)

There we got a free hand treatment, which of course resulted in the women in the store trying to make us buy stuff (we escaped), went to the statue of the sailor kissing the nurse when World War II ended, Kara and I recreated the pose (see below), I climbed a tree, Kara danced with an old man, and we watched (or at least tried to watch) a magic show.


Kara and Katy dragged me away from the magician’s crowd. Katy’s reasoning: “I hate magic, and Kara said something about getting a beverage. It was an easy decision.”

That night we went to a bar and did some solid people watching. There was a man in sweatpants dancing. We figured he thought to himself, “Oh, I just got done running, I’m gonna go into this bar and dance by myself.”

There was also a Santa-man with a white mullet, wearing shorts and a North Face jacket. Santa needs to kick back in his sandals sometimes, too.

And then there was a pair of girls, one of whom was the birthday girl, wearing a tutu. This bar was not their first stop. Birthday Girl just wanted to drink and make friends. Birthday Girl’s Friend thought she was a really good dancer. (We’ve all been there. Unfortunately.)

We learned that you truly run the gamut of fashion in San Diego!

We called it a relatively early night and had our Uber driver take us to In-N-Out on the way home. (It was my first In-N-Out burger. I was impressed.)

Day 3 of the #SandiLadies trip / #VisitingOurGypsy we spent a lot of time in bar called 710. It was awesome because it was a Chicago bar, so we got to watch the Bears play in the snow, while we had beers in the sunshine. It was extremely satisfying.

We were our usual basic bitch selves, all taking the same mimosa-drinking Sunday Funday picture for Snapchat. Sadly, I did not save it. I did save this selfie drinking with my awesome Bear Down coozie I got there!


I set a goal for myself early in the day: “I am going to pet five dogs today!” (I pet two.) We got free Rumpleminze shots each time the Bears scored—which happened more than once, shockingly! And we took this super cute picture that also features our nachos and champs + cranberry:


And then a tragedy occurred. I found my first grey hair!! I was in the bathroom minding my own business, when I noticed it standing straight up. I plucked it from my head and brought it back to the table.

“Is this a grey hair?!” I held it up for Katy and Kara to see.

“Yes, Becca. It is. Congratulations.” Katy was not bothered. “I find them all the time.”

Kara nodded at Katy, “Yup.” And they continued eating their fries. Like this momentous thing had not just happened.

I couldn’t be done that quickly though. I looked at this ugly, coarse hair, held delicately between my thumb and forefinger. I examined it closely. I waved it around a bit like a flag. I took a picture of it to send to my husband. And then, finally, they made me let it go. Both literally and figuratively.

“Becca please stop playing with your grey hair. It’s gross.”

Goodbye grey hair. May we never meet again.

After that sad experience, we continued with our Sunday Funday. We met some of Kara’s friends, rallied with some Vegas Bombs, and then went home where I went to sleep and missed out on eating pizza rolls.

In the morning, I got my pizza roll fix before we went to have brunch overlooking the ocean at Pacific Beach again. We went to a different place this time, where I ate some delectable fish tacos. Again there were a lot of dogs and excellent people watching opportunities.

There was this giant bridge/ fishing pier we had seen from Wonderland the other day, so we decided to go check it out. We watched the surfers from close up and took in the view at the end of their pier. It was gorgeous. What a beautiful place to live and an amazing life adventure for our pal.


We did a little souvenir shopping after that, and then Kara dropped us off at the airport. Luckily, we didn’t need to get too sad because our Karl will be home for Christmas in just a few days’ time. Numerous hugs, I love you’s, and goodbyes later, we were back in Chicago with the snow.

It was such a fun little girls’ trip, and I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to travel and have all these amazing experiences. And I’m even more grateful for the wonderful friends with whom I share the memories. Cheers to many more, ladies!

I know this was a long one, so thank you for reading.

Do you have any travel plans coming up? Or do you have a favorite adventure with your friends? Let me know in the comments. Feel free to also share this post if you know anyone else who might enjoy reading it! 🙂



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