Thoughts on Love, Actually

You know how Buzzfeed posts those articles that are like, “101 Thoughts I had while Watching [insert TV show or movie title here]”? Well I did something similar last year while watching Love, Actually (one of my all time favorite movies, in case you were wondering) with my parents and sister. As we watched the movie, I wrote down funny things every one said throughout.

In the spirit of Christmas this weekend, I thought I would compile them here to share. Merry Christmas!

I hate that woman that doesn’t wear a bra… I hate them [her boobs].

I hate this bitch. (Colin Firth’s cheating girlfriend)

There was a lot of hate in the first few minutes of the movie, apparently.

“Lovely, obliging girl,” -obliging wink-
Yeah, but not for you Colin Firth.

Rae, are you going to do that for my wedding? (Hire a band to play “All You Need is Love”)

That woman’s open thighs make me uncomfortable.

This bitch is definitely in Slytherin. 

I wish Alan Rickman was my boss. He’s so cool:
“Do you think Karl knows?”
“Yes.” Eye roll.

Is that John Green?

I’m sorry I just hit you in the face with my boob– nipple, really.

She looks like an ostrich with that turtleneck on.

Becca, what are you writing?!


She’s writing down all the things we say in her notebook, isn’t she?

I did not realize how many turtlenecks are in this movie.

Oh my God, I never noticed how accepting Liam Neeson is! “She? He?”

Does anyone else think Karl is a little greasy-looking?

“Alone again, naturally.” Is that a play on the movie title?
No, Bex.
(I still think it is.)

How do they keep calling Natalie fat?!

Aw, Colin Firth. So cute trying to speak Portuguese.

Ugh, President Billy Bob Thornton. Such a skeeze… Is this what everyone thinks of Americans?

I don’t care what anyone says. I love Hugh Grant. And I love his booty shaking.

Do you ever hate Keira Knightley’s face? I do.

Why is the secretary wearing devil horns?  That has nothing to do with Christmas!

Mr. Bean and the gift wrap. Yes. Alan Rickman, you deserve this!

Colin’s lucky there were women at this bar. What if he walked into a bar with just old biker men?

Ugh, poor Karen. The CD… I’d be disappointed even if I didn’t think it was a necklace.

Karl’s a jerk, really. You’re better off!

Why does everyone love this part? It’s weird. “I love my best friend’s wife. Let me tell her behind my friend’s back.”

“Enough, now.” What, like, you got your kiss, and now you’re ready to let go?

I’ve never understood men watching porn together. Is that a real thing? Do they… you know?

I love how much she [Natalie] swears.
I love that her mom is comfortable enough to call the Prime Minister by his first name.

Yes! Best part of the movie. (“All I Want for Christmas is You”)

He is neither Theon nor Reik.
They’re the same person.
NO. They are not!

Why are the stand-ins at this concert?

His [Hugh Grant’s] PR team would be so pissed at him!

Trelawney is such a great wing-woman.

Do you think her parents were like, “Sure Joanna, go ahead and run back, everyone waiting for us on the plane won’t mind.”

How come Aurelia dressed so bad at the cottage, but now she’s all cute?

Where do you think Alan Rickman went? An extended time out for his punishment?

And finally,

Ugh, I love this movie.

Now, if you’re a fan of those Buzzfeed lists, I apologize because there is a reason they get paid to do this, and I, on the other hand, get excited when one person leaves a comment on my posts.

And I know we made fun of a lot of this movie, but it is truly one of my favorites. It’s one of those Christmas movies I can watch after Christmas, and not feel sad that Christmas is over.

What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas filled with good food, good wine, and good company.

PS If you’re like us and like to play drinking games to your favorite holiday movies, here you go.

Love Actually

26 thoughts on “Thoughts on Love, Actually

  1. Reblogged this on The Married Cat Lady and commented:

    Hi friends! I’m a little behind on things this week, so I thought I’d reshare this post about Love Actually, to help you get into the holiday spirit. Let me know your thoughts about this movie in the comments on the original post and/ or what your favorite Christmas move is!

    P.S. If you’re looking for another great movie to get you in the holiday spirit, The Santa Clause is one of the most underrated Christmas movies of all time.


  2. Now I want to pull out Love Actually and watch it tonight LOL… But seriously though with the BFF hitting on the wife silently and the whole wedding tape thing… I know it’s supposed to come off as romantic or something, but that guy always skeeved me out a bit. Kinda stalkerish and I always feel bad for his friend. Also, I would be pissed if my wedding tape was ruined like that … like if you just want imakes to keep for yourself just do an amateur video or something, don’t be the official videographer! Guh!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Natalie was in no way fat, she was gorgeous! Hugh Grant was delightful, I don’t understand why people dislike him so much. Billy Bob Thornton was foreshadowing the scuzzball we currently have in office. Colin Firth was awkward, which I love! And the secretary wasn’t attractive to me at all, just thin. And Aurelia was bummed throughout until the end because she was the maid. And I love the part when Uncle Jaime drops off the toys at his sister’s house and leaves and the children scream, “I love Uncle Jaime! I hate Uncle Jaime!”! Haha!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh, this is my favorite holiday movie! I didn’t realize I had to choose between Colin or Hugh, I’d be happy with either hunk. And I don’t know where I have been but THERE A DRINKING GAME???? New family tradition!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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