Cliche New Year’s Post

I know, I know. We all hear the same thing every time the New Year rolls around:

New Year, New Me. What a year! Cheers to new beginnings! Look at all the great things that happened to me this year. Get me the hell out of 2016. 

Etc. But, I’m a sap, and I can’t help but reflect on some of the things that have happened this past year. And, I know I’m a little delayed, but I just got home from vacation over the New Year.

I promise not to ramble on too long.

First of all, there was so much out there about 2016 being a shit year. Yes, lots of shitty things happened both publicly, and in my own life, but there were also some pretty awesome things. Check out this video to see some of them.

Now, personally, I got married this July. And it was the best week of my life. We had a destination wedding in Riveria Maya, Mexico. And it was my husband’s idea! When he first suggested a destination wedding after we got engaged, I said hell no. But, when I realized I could wear whatever dress I wanted to, I came around to the idea–yes this is really what started to turn my thinking– and I am SO glad that I did. Being on vacation with all of my favorite people was something I will never forget. Plus, I got to marry the hunk of a man you see below. He is truly the best thing that ever happened to me.



That, of course, was the biggest event of the year for me. But I also did a lot of other wonderful things: All of the fun stuff leading up to the wedding– the shower and the bachelorette party; trips to Nashville and San Diego; numerous yogi adventures; the Justin Beiber concert (no shame); sporting events– Hawks game, Sox game, & Notre Dame game; became a friend auntie; celebrated the love of numerous couples; and, I even married a couple–no, not like polygamy; I was the officiant!

Not to mention all the other fun, less notable days. I am truly a lucky girl, and I am surrounded by some of the best, most loving, supportive, and all-around awesome people.


Of course, I had my share of drops in the roller coaster of 2016. I don’t want to dwell on the negatives, but for one, we lost my aunt suddenly  at the start of 2016.


My Aunt Theresa was funny, kind, wise, and full of life. I know I am not the only one who misses her all the time. She was a dear friend to many, and touched the lives of each in a way that will never be forgotten. She once made me cut off the head of a shrimp, and she was so proud once I finally did it– following a lot of shrieking and hand flailing. At her memorial service I shared a eulogy including that anecdote and some of my favorite things about Aunt Theresa, and also the following:

For someone so tiny, her memory leaves a large imprint, not only on me, but on all of you here, too. We each have our memories to keep Theresa alive in our hearts.

My aunt stays alive in my heart and in the hearts of all those who loved her.


Like I said, it doesn’t do to dwell on the negatives, so back to something positive from 2016: I started this adventure! I haven’t figured out where it’s going just yet, but thank you for reading and sticking around while I do. For now, it’s a place where I can write. And that’s all I need it to be right now.

I promised I wouldn’t ramble on too long, so I’ll wrap it up here. There’s no New year, new me for the Married Cat Lady in 2017, but I do say, cheers to the new adventures this year will bring, and all that I can learn from it.



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