I am going through a couple of WordPress’s Blogging University courses; I just finished up the Intermediate Customization course–that’s where I learned how to make my fancy new header image and other fun things–and now I’m started the course called Branding and Growth.

My “homework” for the day is to set goals for myself and my blog. Being the overachiever that I am, I’ve gotten right to it.

The first prompt to get the wheels turning asks, “Why do you blog?” Good question. I started this blog on a spur of the moment decision. We had a day off school, and I had recently been thinking about jumping back into my writing, and I just decided to bite the bullet and do it. So here I am.

I guess maybe the better question is why have I stuck with it? Here’s what I wrote in my journal:

  • Fun!
  • Followers
  • Emotional outlet
  • Career options
  • Learning
  • Explore creativity
  • Writing again!

This is my journal. Isn’t it cute? Husband’s friend made us those stickers for our wedding.

Now, there are a few things there that I could expand upon, but I won’t. At least not right now.

The next prompt says, “If your blog exceeded your wildest dreams, what would it look like?” And the answer came immediately to my head: it would look like it was my job. It would change from being a fun hobby to something I can devote all my time and energy into. It would look like a book. It would look like a living testament to my life, my creativity, and everything that I love.

In thinking about those things, then, here are the three goals I have set for myself:

  1. I want to double the number of followers I have in the next three months. (That will still only put me somewhere around 40.) And I want to reach 100 followers by the end of the year.
  2. I want to continue posting at least twice a week: Monday’s Wake Up Calls, and my other weekly writing, whatever it may be. That’s easy enough. My challenge to myself in this goal, though, isΒ to share some of my creative writing in the next three months. (That makes me a little nervy.)
  3. Finally, I want to learn more about HTML, CSS, and all the techy-ness goodness that goes on here.

I think these are feasible, yet challenging goals, and I’m excited to continue learning, working, and writing. πŸ™‚

And just a quick shout out to my hubby, who has been so supportive in this whole adventure. Thank you for always supporting and indulging in my endeavors. I love you.



14 thoughts on “#Goals

  1. You’re too cute! These are awesome goals! I just started blogging again back in March of this year and since deciding to take my blog wherever my gut tells me, I’ve enjoyed it so much more!

    I also love to write and love reading almost just as much and since I’ve nipped the idea of having a blog that only covers a single topic I’ve started to enjoy writing blog posts so much more!

    I bet you’re well on your way to becoming a rockstar! Best of luck to you!

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