Wake Up Call #11

Good morning, good mooooorning! (I was singing that in my head. You're welcome.) It's time for the wake up call! Husband: When you get home you need to pluck my grey hairs so I can pretend to be a student again. (We were travelling to his alma mater.)   Sister: When I speak in a … Continue reading Wake Up Call #11

The Pity Party

Sooooo I was a guest blogger over by Kirsty Allen today! Check out some of my fiction writing in this piece, and check out Kirsty’s Blog, Ramblings of a Madwoman!

The RoamBlogger

Guest Writing Prompt: “Write about a recent conflict.” 

By Becca @The Married Cat Lady

I send a text to my roommate: Haven’t heard from Jimmy still. I think he’s blowing me off. What. The. Fuck.

She replies right away: That’s so strange. Nothing?

I type with a vengeance. Not a word. Last night or today. This is unreal. My sentences can’t even exceed six words. I’m too pissed. I can’t believe this is happening.

Adriene, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what to say.

It’s fine.

I put my phone down and step out onto the balcony of our apartment. I think the weather is mocking me. It’s beautiful out. Sunshine. Warmth. There’s even some little birds chirping.

Fuck this.

How did this happen? I know we hit a little bump, but I thought we passed it. Why would he suggest a date today, and then just completely blow me off?

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