The Deathly Vinos

A few months ago, I discovered that my library was hosting a BYOB Harry Potter trivia night. This immediately caught my eye because it involved two of my favorite things: Harry Potter and beverages.


I immediately texted my friend Katy, who is also a fan of those things.

“There is a BYOB Harry Potter trivia night at my library on November 16th. We are going.”

“Yes! I am in!”

The night of the trivia tournament, we decided to get some apps and a beverage or two before the event. We also decided this was an excellent opportunity to prepare ourselves. We took about six Harry Potter quizzes*, ate one appetizer, and had two drinks. We were ready to take on this Wizardly Trivia Tournament.

*I’m 0% Muggle, in case you’re wondering.


Click the image to go find out what percent Muggle you are!

As we toddled over to the library with our big bottle o’ wine, I said to Katy, “I’m so excited. We HAVE to win. I’ll never forgive myself if we don’t.”

“Becca, it’s fine. Let’s get real, there’s probably not going to be that many people there.”

Feeling like rebels as we walked into the library with wine, we were directed down to the basement. When we got there, we discovered that we would be competing using Kahoot!, an online game/ review site we both use in our classes.

“Oh my God. This is excellent. This puts us at an advantage!”

And Katy was right. There were five teams, including us. However, we were also the dorks that only had two people. There were two bigger groups with six to eight people around their tables, and the other two teams each had four. We decided, however, that this also put us at an advantage for Kahoot! because we would have quicker decision-making since it was only the two of us.2016-11-16-18-57-41

We got signed on via Katy’s phone, and decided on our team name: The Deathly Winos. (Get it? Like, the Deathly Hallows, but with wine?) We were pretty pleased with ourselves.

As we waited for the first round to begin, everyone buzzed with excitement. Katy and I made friendly with the team behind us– The Prisoners of OL (excellent name)–by letting them borrow our wine opener.

The event coordinator explained how everything was going to work.

“There are ten questions in every round,” she started to say.

“Only ten?!” I whispered to Katy.

The coordinator continued, “and there are three rounds. The team with the highest average score of the three rounds will be our winner.”

And then we began. Katy and I quickly came up with an efficient way to get our answers in. We read the question and decided what the answer was (obv, we usually  knew each answer immediately). Then, Katy would look at her phone, finger poised to click the box with the correct answer; I stared at the screen until the answers appeared, and whisper-shouted the color for Katy to click when they did.


On the left is what the screen would look like, and on the right is what our screen looked like.

We moved as quickly as we could, and we maintained first or second place for the first couple questions. But then the unthinkable happened: we got one wrong.


The question asked, “What is the name of the statue in the atrium of the Ministry of Magic?”

2016-11-16-19-16-18Embarrassingly, Katy and I chose the wrong answer. One of the options was Magic is Might, which is what Voldemort changes the statue to when he infiltrates the Ministry. (The correct answer is The Fountain of Magical Brethren.)

It was there that we lost our lead. We got bumped all the way down to 5th place after that question. We were ashamed. But we did manage to move our way back up to third place before the round was over.

“It’s ok,” Katy said as we refilled our glasses during the break, “that was the first round. We’re making our comeback on the next one.”


Round two went in a similar fashion. Katy and I continued our system of answering. We were on fire, until the second to last question of the round: “What is Dumbledore’s FULL name?”

I recited it. “Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. Does that sound right to you?”

“Yes,” Katy nodded her head emphatically. We chose the answer that listed the name as we knew it.



“Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore! That’s right!” I was even a rule-breaker and looked it up on my phone because I knew that was the correct answer.2016-11-16-19-27-43

Alas, we did not challenge the question because we’re big babies and avoid confrontation. We were not the only team to get the question wrong, so that consoled us minimally.

Even with that question wrong though, we moved up  in the league to win second place, which also made us feel a little better. But we knew we could not rest until we won first place.

Waiting for the third round to start, Katy said, “The most disappointing thing about this trivia is that we are two-thirds of the way done, and it’s only been 24 minutes.”

“And we have this giant bottle of wine,” I added. “I was really hoping there would be more questions.”

The third round started and I noticed our name said The Deathly Vinos rather than Winos (you had to login again with every round).

“Were we always The Deathly Vinos?” I asked Katy.

“No. I made an executive decision and changed it to Vinos. I think it sounds better.”

“Fair enough.”

Apparently changing our name just a little bit also changed our luck because WE WON the third round, bitches!


It was all very exciting, but had once again gone too fast. At the end of our winning round, the event coordinator came up to the front.

“Wow, you guys went through all of these much faster than we anticipated!” she said, “We only had three rounds set up, so we’re going to try and find some more questions for another round since it’s only been about forty minutes.”

We all cheered and cheersed. (Why isn’t cheersed a word?)

I would like to remind you that this was a room (semi) filled with adults. Cheering about playing Kahoot! and answering Harry Potter trivia questions. It was joyous.

We played another round, about the movie versions, in which I think we again got third place. When they averaged the scores, we came in third place overall. Sadly, only first place got a prize, which I think were magnets for the library. (We were so, very, very upset that we didn’t get them…)

In the end, we were disappointed that we did not have the prowess to win, but we gave it a valiant try, and we’ll be ready to take the cake in our next Harry Potter trivia night– because this will not be the last time we participate in something like this.

I love that there are events like this in my community, and I love that the Harry Potter community is such a great one. I mean, have you ever seen any of those Harry Potter Tumblr posts?? (Please, please check out the link below if you live under a rock and have not yet seen any of them before. Thank you Buzzfeed for providing me with innumerable procrastination tools.)


And,  to get sappy for a minute… Harry Potter has been a huge part of my life for its majority at this point. I started reading Harry Potter when I was ten years old, and it’s been more than just a book series to me ever since Mrs. Forst started reading The Sorcerer’s Stone aloud to our class, and I thought Harry would be sorted into Hufflepuff, and I couldn’t wait to find out, so I asked my mom to buy me the book so I could keep reading– but the beginning of my HP love is a story for another day…

The point is, I love it, and like I said before, I love that the fandom is still alive and well, even this long after Harry Potter officially “ended.” It’s an Always kind of love, y’all.


PS The library is doing a BYOB trivia night about the Oscars in a couple weeks. Who’s in?!



11 thoughts on “The Deathly Vinos

  1. This sounds like so much fun!!

    Did you manage to finish the wine? I hate wasting wine so I’d have ended up downing some and acting like a fool. I have a feeling you’d be better than that!

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