Freeze Pops are just like ice cubes, right?

I’m a chatty person; you’ve probably figured that out by now. So is my friend Katelyn. And, we’re both a little weird. Last weekend, I fed her a jello shot using a very tiny spoon.


Yep, that’s us.

Back in college,  Katelyn and I were hanging out, and decided we would grab a movie, some snacks, and a bottle of vodka to entertain us for the evening.

We got Alvin and the Chipmunks from Redbox (which I’m pretty sure Katelyn never returned), made chili cheese dip, and– using my fake ID– purchased vanilla vodka and Coke. We put the movie on, mixed our drinks, and discovered they were delicious. Like seriously yummy. We kept exclaiming, “Oh my God this is so delicious! This might be dangerous!”

We went about our usual hanging out routine: intending to watch a movie, but actually talking through the entire thing. Alvin and the Chipmunks ended, and we were like, “How is it over already?” So we started it over again. And talked all the way through it. Again.

By the time the movie was over for the second time, we had finished the bottle of vanilla vodka, and drank the three or four random beers that were in Katelyn’s fridge.

As we continued to chat, somehow the conversation moved to piercings.

“I always really wanted to get my ears double pierced. In, like, eighth grade that was supposed to be some sort of reward for me, but it never happened. I was gypped!”

To which Katelyn replied, “How rude. Why don’t we do it now? I have a pair of starter earrings in my room!”

We thought this was an excellent idea. Katelyn hopped up off the couch to go find the earrings, and I went to look for some ice to numb my ears.

“Kate, you have no ice cubes! All the trays are in the sink!”

“I think there are freeze pops in there. That’s pretty much the same thing, right?”

I nodded in agreement, pulling a green and a blue freeze pop out.

“Can we eat them when we’re done? I can’t remember the last time I had a freeze pop.” I asked her as she came running into the kitchen, earrings in hand.

“Oh, definitely.”

We settled ourselves back on the couch. Katelyn made marks on my ears, and holding my face in her hands, did her best to make sure they were even.

I settled my head into her lap, and Katelyn positioned the freeze pops on either side of my left ear.

“How long do we have to do this?” I complained after a minute or two. “They’re cold!”

“Shut up,” she reprimanded, but also removed the freeze pops from my ear. “Let’s try it.”

I repositioned my head and Katelyn paused, hand poised to pierce. “You ready?”

“Yes. Do it!”

“Ok, here goes…”

I tensed up, “No, wait! I’m scared!”

“Too bad!” she said as she plunged the earring into my ear.

And then we did it again on the other side.

“Considering how much alcohol I’ve consumed, these are actually very even!” she said matter-of-factly, as we examined them in the mirror afterwards.

“I’m very impressed. You are excellent at this,” I agreed.

We celebrated by eating the numbing tools/ freeze pops.

To this day, Katelyn loves to brag about the amount of alcohol we consumed, and the evenness of my piercing. In fact, she was telling the story as I fed her the jello shot last weekend saying, “I mean, look at them! They’re pretty even!”

I hope you all have friends you can be weird and pierce things with. And if you are ever in a pickle: yes, freeze pops are pretty much the same thing as ice cubes.


We were Tupac and Brett Michaels in this picture…



18 thoughts on “Freeze Pops are just like ice cubes, right?

  1. I cringed when I read piercing, and then cringed more when you put the vodka and piercing together. Ha! Glad your piercing turned out even, and that you have a friend you can drink and pierce with. Oh, and I do have one of these friends. We’ve just never done the piercing thing… Yet. ☺️

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  2. That is HILARIOUS! And even better that they’re straight! My father (an old-fashioned country doctor) pierced my ears when I was 5 – he did one 5x and the other 2x until my mom told him he HAD to quit because they were as straight/even as they were ever gonna get, and he had to stop trying to make them even more “perfect”!

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    • Haha that’s a great story too! Hope it didn’t hurt too much! I was so scared when I got my first ones done when I was 8, with the little gun at Claire’s. I can’t imagine being 5 and doing omit over and over! Haha


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