Wake Up Call #11

Good morning, good mooooorning! (I was singing that in my head. You’re welcome.)

It’s time for the wake up call!


Husband: When you get home you need to pluck my grey hairs so I can pretend to be a student again.

(We were travelling to his alma mater.)


Sister: When I speak in a certain direction, my voice echoes. It’s like hearing me twice. Which is a gift to all… *quietly* all.


“You know, I don’t like Family Dollar. It’s name is misleading because you know, not everything in there is a dollar.”


Friend: So I’m watching Let’s Make a Deal, and one of the prizes included a winery tour in Temecula, CA. Isn’t that where your fake ID self was from?!? And… why do I remember that if that’s the case?

(It was!)


Friend A: Did you touch each other’s private parts?

Friend B: Yes, but please don’t ask about sexual encounters in that way every again.


“I just coughed so hard I almost farted.”



And a special shout out to my pal Mary:


Kick ass this week, friends!



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