Just rambling…

I’m sorry guys, I don’t think I can pull together a cohesive post this week. At least not today. Instead today’s post includes a few things I’ve been thinking about* (read on at your own risk).

If you want something that holds any sort of value, read my fiction piece called “The Pity Party” or something old that reminds you how weird I am.

Ok, rambling commence!

This Is Us


I was a little late to the game in watching This Is Us, but, just like the rest of the world, I. Am. Obsessed. I was actually talking about it with my husband yesterday, and he was saying something along the lines of, “Why do women like to watch shows that make them cry?”

Because, Husband, This is life. (This is love. This is us.) But seriously,  it’s just so, *sigh* real– the people, the emotions, the experiences. One thing I especially love about it is that it is not overly dramatic. For example, when I watch Grey’s Anatomy, and Meredith and Derek get together, I immediately start worrying about when something tragic is going to happen; because every time something good happens– every. freakin’. time.–something horrendous comes along to ruin it like two episodes later.

But This Is Us is not like that. Is it sad? Oh God, yes! Do tragic things happen? Ugh, yes. But it’s not in a way that makes me feel like the writers are cackling at the viewers’ despair. (I’m talking to you Shonda Rhimes!) Instead, when I’m sobbing over sad things (no spoilers here) in This Is Us, it’s because I feel like my heart is breaking. I know I don’t know these people, and that they’re not real. It’s all just so poignantly done. Every time I think about Jack’s death, I get choked up– and we don’t even know what happened yet!


Me, watching This Is Us.

Which then also brings me to the characters: I don’t even usually like Mandy Moore (except in Chasing Liberty, that movie is a godsend). But in this show, I adore her, and not just because her name is Rebecca. (Although, I mean, how perfect is that?) I’ve decided that my husband and I are Jack and Rebecca– except Husband better not die or I will kill him.

And Toby! I love Toby! I mean, ugh. (Yes, I realize I am using a lot of “ugh” and *sigh* I can’t help it; that’s how my brain works with this show. Please don’t judge me. I told you I wouldn’t be coherent today.) The outfits, the charisma, the love!

And Little Randall! Is there a cuter kid out there??!

I bow down to the writers of This Is Us. God bless you for bringing the world a show so filled with pure, raw emotion. The world needs it.



Cuts on your knuckle

I was putting laundry away the other day and the drawer fell closed on my hand. It hurt like a bitch, and I got a painful little cut on my middle finger. And you know how annoying those cuts on your finger can be: they never heal because you’re constantly breaking them back open.



I’ve also spent a lot of time bending my fingers and watching the cut pull apart. Ew. I’m grossing myself out. Sorry.


Red Wine

I was on the phone with my sister yesterday and poured myself a glass of red that I had had out on the counter for a week or two. (I know, I know, how did I have it just sitting there? Why didn’t I finish it already? I also discovered that I had an open bottle of white wine and an open bottle of champagne sitting in the fridge. I have booze ADHD, I guess.)

Anyways, I took a sip of my wine, and it smelled and tasted a little weird. I took another sip. Still tasted weird. So I paused my sister and Googled it, and look what Google had to say:

Q: How long does wine last after it’s opened?
And… does wine go bad?

A: It depends on the type of wine and how well the wine is stored. Fortified wines can last open for up to a month, but most table wines last only about 3–5 days before spoiling. Don’t worry, old wine won’t hurt you, it’s just not as yummy!

Um, thanks Wine Folly because I had no idea! So, sadly I poured my red wine out, and poured myself a glass of the white that was also left in the fridge. (Don’t worry it tasted normal, and I promise to polish it off tonight.)

So, I think I’ll wrap it up there. Again, sorry for the stream of consciousness. Must go finish my wine. I promise to write something of value next week!


Have you watched Cougar Town? No?! YOU MUST.  Ugh, I’ll write about it another time.

*This post was inspired by my friend Blair at The Shameful Sheep and her “Random-As-Shit Thursday Thoughts.” If you like me and/or my blog, read hers; she’s hilarious, vulgar, and overall fucking awesome.

Just Rambling


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