The Timeline of Lurrvee: Part Deux

Steve kept texting me, too. Katy thinks he might actually like me, perhaps more than just shenanigans, and I think she might be right.

“Oh most definitely you are [a nerd], but it’s attractive.”

“I’m always hanging on your every word.”

He’s sweet… 

When we last discussed the Timeline of Lurrvee, I told you the story of our Ridge Fest Rendezvous. Following this adventure, Steve and I started to hang out more often. Mostly in social situations that involved drinking. Luckily, this was one of the phases in my life where I was writing in my journal pretty regularly. I’ve decided that the basis of today’s post will be excerpts from my journal. Because of this, you get see the progression of our lurrvee in my own thoughts. And I promise, all of the quotes from the journal are true, copied word for word!

Steve keeps popping into my head. Why? I’m not sure. He mentioned hanging out Friday. We’ll see if I hear from him.

As I may have mentioned before, when Steve and I first started hanging out, neither of us was expecting a serious relationship out of our rendezvous. Steve had just gotten out of a long-term relationship, and I—again, full disclosure—was sort of interested in other options besides my future husband.

Picked Steve’s drunk/ tired ass up from Desmond’s. I’m a nice person.

That was literally the entire entry I wrote for that date. That’s it. My mom also quotes this as the day she knew I liked him, “Yeah, Bex went to pick up her “friend” from the bar!”

Up at Grove’s [bar], Steve arrived and kissed me in the middle of the bar, which was surprising.

I remember this vividly: Steve walked straight up to me and kissed me on the lips in plain sight of everyone there. It was a tiny shock.

Went over to Steve’s this afternoon… We had a kind of awkward conversation about being exclusive, which I guess we are now… ? Not sure how I feel about it totally yet.

This was an extremely awkward conversation. Neither of us were sold on being exclusive, but as Steve put it just now, we did it out of fear of having an adult conversation. Ha! I mean, whatever, in the end it worked out in our favor.

Out for a couple drinks with Mary, and met up with Steve for the Bears game. Very touchy, kind of boyfriend-y. But, to be honest, I’m not opposed.

I’m really glad I was writing in my journal during this time of my life. I had sort of forgotten about this night. It was so much fun, and I liked how much Steve was touching me. Except when he rubbed my hair because I was afraid then that it was messed up. Plus, Mary and I had a fab time pretending to watch football.

“Are you ok with this?” [Steve]

“It’s just the way you’re acting is not how people who are just hooking up act… We don’t need to have this conversation now.”

But we will eventually; the seed has been planted—by him, mind you!

This conversation happened in my parents’ driveway. I’ll call this the turning point, friends.

Coffee date with Steve. Again, not exactly sure how this kind of thing works. But I’m not opposed. The more time I spend with him, the more I think I’m really starting to like him.

Conversation with Dad post-coffee:

“So, who is this Steve guy?”

“My friend…”

“What kind of friend? Just friends, or more than friends?”

“…More than friends.”

“Is she getting red in the face?!” (Mom)

Then I ran away. My parents think they’re funny.

Also, we got coffee a lot when we first started hanging out, and Steve didn’t even drink coffee. He would get hot chocolate, usually. One time I convinced him to try a Peppermint Mocha; he said it was life-changing.

Went out for a few drinks with Mary to meet up with Steve. He played BSB for me on Touchtunes at the bar.

I should have known then and there that he was the one. Backstreet Boys are the way to the shape of my heart. (10 bonus points to you if you got the reference there!)

So not like me to go out on Thursday—and two weeks in a row! I told Steve actions speak louder than words; I never go out on school nights, but I wanted to see him.

Felt perfectly perky in the AM though, so I was glad. Also drove Steve to the mall before I went to work. He was peer pressuring me all morning and afternoon to take off/ leave work.

When I went to pick Steve up that morning, he was sitting on the ground up against the garage with his eyes closed. He was not going on a shopping spree at 6:30 in the morning, though; he was going to get the new iPhone. But because I left so early for work, he had to wait outside the mall for like an hour before it opened. (Obv, he just wanted to see me.)

Mary and I went out to Desmond’s to meet up with Steve and company. That awkward moment when both Steve and I are wearing purple shirts… hahahaha

“I’m just smitten.” [Steve]

Seriously, Steve and I were matching that night at the bar. It was hilariously embarrassing. Steve said before he left the house he asked his mom how he looked, and she was like, “Why are you wearing a purple shirt? Are you trying to impress someone?”

purple shirts

I know it’s v blurry, but this is us in our matching purple shirts.

“I’ve been waiting all morning for this moment.” -Steve’s sister on our walk out the door, meeting his mom.

Oh my God, I will never forget this moment. We walked downstairs, and Steve’s mom, sister, and sister’s boyfriend were in the kitchen making breakfast. I was mortified. I can still hear Sarah laughing and saying this now.

Came home and graded some projects, then Steve and I went to Target and got coffee. I think we’re getting more couple-y. I’m not complaining, I’m just saying. : )

Dad was being quite inquisitive again. I guess Steve is going to have to come meet the parentals soon. Again, couple-y.

Plus, the sleepovers, cuddling, pretty constant texting, mention of four days being a long time not to hang out—yeah a conversation is going to have to happen soon. For now, I’m enjoying it either way. : )

Oh c’mon Bex, two smiley faces in one entry– you’re the one who’s smitten now.

Date night with Steve to drive his mom and aunt to Blue Man Group. Drinks at L & L Tavern and a marg at Killer Margaritas. Didn’t get home until one! “You’re a bad influence on me.” But I’m ok with it.

This was our first “official” date. : ) Steve later told me that he gave his mom and aunt strict instructions not to give me the third degree on our ride downtown.

Steve came to say Hi before we left for LP. Cute. : )

“I love my friends, but I’d very much rather be with you…” [Me]

“I feel the same way.”

I’m sorry girlfriends, I love you!! I do remember thinking about Steve a lot of that night, though. Also, it was super cute when he came over to say hi. You may recall that his house was only two blocks from my house, so he ran over to give me a kiss before I left. If I’m not mistaken, he was in the middle of teaching his aunt to play beer pong.

“Are we going to actually do this?” I’m pretty sure Steve’s my boyfriend. : )

He was. : )

Steve brought me coffee on the line. What a sweet boyfriend. He met my teaching partner from last year. “He’s a keeper. Instinct.”

And she was right. He is a keeper.

One of our many coffee/ hot chocolate dates.

Stay tuned for a more narrative telling of… which story? You decide in the comments below!!

  1. A night out where Mary and I re-pierced Steve’s ear, and the next day a stranger called me a knockout.
  2. The time Steve and I went to see a movie, and I shouted “Vagina!”
  3. Our first night in our apartment together when Steve broke a case of beer.
  4. When we went to visit my sister at college and Steve brought a stranger to the party.

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  1. You guys are super cute and made me smile a lot….and you know I don’t do mushy stuff. I have to hear this story about the ear piercing! I don’t think I’ve heard this one

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