Wake Up Call #17

Today is Monday. But I can make it through because there are only four days until my spring break. FINALLY.

spring break

Sorry I’m not sorry.

Well, this week’s wake up call was a doozy of an experience. There was a bug in my kitchen sink. And I was home alone. Here’s what happened:

First, of course, I text my husband.

bug 1

2017-04-04 09.01.40 (2)

That’s him.

bug 2

Husband does not answer my text messages. I call him. He won’t be home for at least 15 minutes. (He’s getting a car wash. -_-)

I stare at the bug. He moves a little.

I text my work friends.

new bug 01

new bug 02

new bug 03

new bug 04

Husband thinks he’s funny, and sends me the following with the caption “Advice from some of the guys”

2017-04-04 09.01.43

I resort to Raid.

bug 8

I spray A LOT of Raid.

new bug 05

new bug 06

new bug 07

Bug is dead. I text my husband to let him know the good news.

bug 9

I really hope your week (and mine) does not involve any bugs.

Good luck out there, friends.


15 thoughts on “Wake Up Call #17

  1. NO! There was a spider in my bed this week the tiniest little guy and I still wouldn’t go near my bed for hours! I feel you. If bugs could just stay out of my personal spaces I would be fine. I’m certain I would have died in your situation.

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