Thoughts from Spring Break Brain

Hiiiiii everyone. I was working on a Timeline of Lurrvee post for today, but I feel like it needs a little more work, and I haven’t done a rambling post in awhile, so here I am, ready to ramble on for a few hundred words. Exciting, right?


As you may have guessed from the title, I am currently on spring break.


It’s been wonderful, and we still have four more days before back to work. And then I think it’s something like 30 wake-ups until the end of the school year.


Ok, I’m done with him now, I promise…

That was definitely a perk of not having break until mid-April: the rest of the year is going to flyyyyyy.

Anyways, I have lots of thoughts floating around my brain right now, and I just feel like sharing them.

If you’d like to read a more coherent post, feel free to check out one of my older posts– maybe the one about my college roommates or my sporting abilities? Or, more recently, we popped a boil in my friends ear, and we went to Nashville.

On to rambling…

1. Ed Sheeran

I am obsessed with Ed Sheeran’s new album. (Especially “Nancy Mulligan” and “Galway Girl“) I have listened to it pretty much nonstop for the last week. (Currently listening, actually.) Especially since…


The hubs bought me a ticket to go see him when he comes in September!!! I am SO. EXCITED.

My sister and I also went to see him the last time he was in Chicago, and honestly, it was probably the best concert I’ve ever been to (and that includes Backstreet Boys concerts, friends). He performed the entire show– no breaks, no costume changes, nothing! People just brought him water bottles every so often.

And he is so unbelievably talented; it’s just him up there. There’s no band, or back up singers, or anything. He does it all himself with some fancy machine thing. After the opening number, he told the audience about how some guy wanted his money back after a show because he didn’t believe Ed had done everything on his own like that; the man claimed that he was trying to trick them.


2. Writing

As I’ve been on break this week, I’ve had some time to work on writing besides the blog. I recently had a new idea for a novel (after I decided that I hated my first attempt), and I got started on it the other day. I’m not very far along, but I have a lot of ideas, and I really love the characters, and I’m just overall pretty excited to work on it.

I’ve also given myself a goal, and I’m sharing it with you all so that I actually stick to it. I want to finish this book before my next birthday (which as you may recall is about a year away now). Additionally, I have a weekly goal of ten pages a week. I think these are achievable goals, as long as I stick with it. So friends, hold me accountable ok?!

I can dream and dream, but if I don’t start, nothing is going to happen.


3. Birthdays

As I’ve mentioned– twice now, I think, sorry– my birthday was last Sunday. And yes, I am getting up in years (in my brain, at least); however, I still love celebrating my birthday. I mean, what’s not to enjoy? My birthday weekend was full of cake, champagne, throwback photos, laughter, joy, and love.

I love it. And I think I always will. I think celebrating life is a beautiful thing, and the more opportunities we have to do it, the luckier we are.

– – –

Also floating around in my brain right now is how much I love writing from my bed, anxiety about job opportunities (more on that later), the need for more coffee, desire to watch Thirteen Reasons Why (I started it last night), ache for a friend’s loss, appreciation for windows-open weather, and a thousand other things. But, I think I’ll wrap it up here. Thanks for reading friends.


Hehe I couldn’t resist.

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