Wake Up Call #20

You guys, I had a big brain fart yesterday: I totally and completely forgot to post the Wake Up Call!

2017-05-01 16.05.53

And you know what the worst part is? I wasn’t even out doing something fun on Sunday. (I usually write it on Sunday to post Monday morning.) I was binge-watching Grace and Frankie. I mean, I was having fun– they’re hilarious. But I laid on the couch most of the day, and could (should) have written the Wake Up Call!

I’m so sorry! Hopefully these gems make up for it!

– – –

Friend A: Would I like that [beer]?

Me: Yeah!

Friend A: Is it hoppy?

Me: No.

Friend B (simultaneously): Yes.

*Friend A sips.*

Friend A: Yeah, it’s a little hoppy.

Me: I guess I don’t really know what hoppy means…

Sitting out on the porch during the storm.

Friend: I’m getting so wet right now. *Looks at boyfriend* Don’t even!

Boyfriend: It’s too easy.

Mom: The [parking] garage is on Randolph, right?

Me: You know I don’t know!!

Mom: I can’t help it I have a mental block!

(More context HERE.)

Friend: [Daughter] just told me, “I only like salads in tacos.”

Me: Valid point.

Friend: Don’t tell anyone. She’s my favorite.

Me: Your secret is safe with me.

Sort of. 😉

He [Albus] keeps sitting on the computer. It’s like an egg he wants to hatch.


Me: Let’s do a dinner night!

Friend A: Yeah! I’ll bring some wine!

Friend B: And I’ll bring another bottle of wine!

Friend C: And I’ll bring ANOTHER bottle of wine!

Me: Ok, but can someone bring some food, too?

“So, I went into the bathroom today, and there was a man cleaning in there, and you know, you’d think he’d leave to give me some privacy? Nope. He just kept cleaning the mirror. And then he started cleaning the stall right next to me, and I got a little shy.”

– – –

Again, so sorry for my forgetfulness yesterday! Hug it out?

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