To Be Opened April 16, 2002

Back in February I wrote a post about a letter 13 year-old me wrote to 18 year-old me. It’s been one of my favorite posts that I’ve written, and since I wrote it I’ve wanted to write a letter back to 13 year-old me. Then my friend Christine wrote a similar post– which was fabulous, go check it out— and I told myself again that I needed to write mine, so here it is! Yay!

– – –

Dear 13 year-old Becca,


Hey girl. You’re officially old, or at least in your brain, pushing 30 is old. You’re all grown up– you have a husband, a house, a cat and a dog, and you’re thinking about having kids soon. Can you believe it?! I know, it sounds crazy.

I know you’re nervous about a lot of the growing up-stuff, but there’s no need. Is it sometimes hard? Yes. Is it sometimes scary? Oh, yes. But, it’s also pretty awesome sometimes.

In your letter, you had a lot of questions about the future. I answered some of the specifics last time, but I think there’s more to say.

Do I still want to open my own photography studio?

Your photography aspirations didn’t last very long. You went back to wanting to be a teacher pretty quickly. In fact, that’s pretty much all you ever wanted to be. And you are a teacher! You love being a teacher– you love inspiring students to read, helping kids become better writers, and learning from them every day.2017-03-10 15.24.41

It’s not always easy, though. It’s really hard, in fact. There are a lot of people who think they know better than you do, and people who try to tell you what to do, and you have to do it, even though you don’t always agree with it. Eventually, you’re going to question whether or not you want to be a teacher anymore. I don’t know what will happen, to be honest, because it hasn’t happened yet.

What I do know is that you’re a good teacher, and you have a true passion for it. But you also want to be a writer, and you’re going to pursue that, too.

Remember when you were going to start writing a book about a teenage girl and all her trials and tribulations in middle school– it was in a yellow notebook, I think. You only wrote about five pages. Well, you’re doing it for real now. We’ll have to see what happens with that one together, too.

Am I still friends with…? 

You asked about a couple friends in your letter. You’re not friends with those girls anymore– don’t worry you didn’t get in a big fight or anything. It’s just that life happens, and you grow apart from people sometimes.katy

And now you have some of the most amazing friends in the world. You don’t know all of them yet, except Katy. Yep, Katy is still your friend, and she’s even more awesome now than she was in middle school.

You’re also best friends with Rachel. I know it seems insane because she’s super annoying and always following you around, but once you guys grow up you realize how lucky you are to have each other. You shout at each other a lot less.

And you have this amazing group of girlfriends who love and support you for exactly who you are. You guys are a little obsessed with each other, but that’s ok. It’s just because you love each other so much. Girls can be awful sometimes, you know that firsthand, but when you get older, you realize that those people aren’t worth your time and energy. You learn what true friendship is with these girls, and you’re a better person for knowing them.

Do I have a boyfriend rite now? Am I in love?

Ugh, boys. Where do I even begin? Probably with what you’re most curious about: your husband. He is literally your favorite human in the world. And, he lived two blocks away from you, but you had no idea! Once you started dating, it didn’t take you long to realize he was The One. He’s smart, funny, kind, goofy, compassionate, hard-working, and loving. He loves everything about you, especially your quirkiness. And you love him– you love him SO. FREAKIN’. MUCH. You’re a lucky girl.

There were a few boys before him. They taught you a lot of things. Someone once told you that you love someone the best way you know how at that point in your life, and that’s what you did with those boys. It wasn’t always easy, and you cried a lot, but they brought you to the right one. He was worth the wait, trust me.

Do I still play softball?

Girl, hell no. You were horrible at softball. And you didn’t even really like it. You just liked doing the cheers in the dugout. Coincidentally, you became a cheerleader in high school, and you were good at it! I know, so exciting!

Oh, you played on a softball league one summer during college with Katy and Katelyn. You mostly did it because you wanted to go out afterwards and the shirt was cute, but you did get a hit once!

I know I’ll be reading this 5 years from now OMG I was such a dork.2017-04-02 13.51.57

Yep, you were a dork. You still are a dork, actually. You’ve learned to embrace it, because it’s part of what makes you, you. There’s no point in hiding who you are; let it all out!

There are so many people who enjoy your weirdness. It will take you awhile to realize this, but you’ll get there eventually. (It’s great, you get to wear amazing galactic cat leggings and embarrass Rachel in public.)

Always remember a few things 1. Enjoy life 2. Life goes on no matter what 3. always love family & friends…

You know, for being only thirteen, you spouted some pretty wise words there, and you’re 100% right. Life isn’t always easy, but it always goes on. You’ve learned to never take for granted the beautiful life you live.

Your family is the best, which you already know. Mom, Dad, and Rae support you in everything that you do, and love you unconditionally. Dad shares each and every one of your blog posts on Facebook, and it is the sweetest thing ever. Mom’s been sending you motivational quotes as you embark on this new journey, which makes your heart swell because she truly believes that you can do whatever you set your mind to. And if you thought Grandma was elf-like and adorable before, wait until you see her now (actually I don’t think we started calling her elf-like until you were in high school, but whatever).

4. Love yourself!

Sometimes I look in the mirror, and I think, Hm, 13 year-old Becca would be pleased. Your boobs do eventually grow. You learn how to use a hair straightener and how to do your makeup. And most importantly, you learn to love yourself. Spoiler Alert: You’re not perfect. But that’s ok, because despite what you see on TV or in magazines, no one is perfect.

You, my dear, are amazing. I know you don’t always feel like it, but you are. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. You’re smart, and kind, and beautiful, and kind of weird, but those are all things that mold you into me. And I think I’m pretty awesome.

I wish I could go back in time and give you this letter and a hug, and let you know everything works out. But I can’t. You figure it all out on your own, though, and you’re a better, more kick-ass person for it.

It’s not over yet, though– you’re not even thirty! There’s a lot more to come, but we’ll have to navigate those waters together.

So, I’m going to end this letter the same way I ended the last post:

You made it girl.

Love you! Bye!


PS – I’m also writing a letter to Older Becca, but that’s for me to save. Maybe I’ll share it when I open it a few years down the line. 🙂


12 thoughts on “To Be Opened April 16, 2002

  1. Hi Becca! I love your elf-like grandma and your message about girlfriends. A group of women who support each other is something very much like the best thing in the whole world. Thanks for the post! I enjoyed it, and am wondering if my own 13-year-old letter to myself is in my future. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Angela! I am so lucky to have such an amazing support system; they are truly some of the best people in the world! 💜 And you should definitely write your own letter, it was so much fun, and I love the nostalgia of doing things like that! I’d love to read it when you write yours! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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