Wake Up Call #25

You guys, how is it the last week of June already?? I really need to be doing more of this:

And before I leave you to your week, I want to give a quick shoutout to everyone who liked, commented on, messaged, and/ or texted me about my post For Me. Your support and kind words mean more than you could possibly know. I am both excited and terrified for what the future holds, but knowing I have so many people standing behind me reminds me that no matter what happens, it will all turn out ok. So thank you.

– – –

During a very long professional development session…

Me: I’m so bored. And hungry.

Friend: Plucking all my body hair with tweezers sounds like more fun than sitting here.



Friend A: Do you think they were into foreplay back in the old days?

Friend B: Oh yeah, definitely.



Me: *Snuggling with the dog.*

Husband: You guys have the same size heads.

For reference:


“And I thought to myself, ‘Why the living fuck is there a Jesus song in my work email?'” -Friend, the week before Easter



Friend A: I’m going on a date Friday.

Friend B: You gave a guy your number?!



Me: So her name will be Rebecca-Rachel-Kara, right?

Kara: Let’s combine them.

Me: Rabachela

Rachel: Or, if it’s a boy, Rabachelo.

Discussing baby names with a friend



And a reminder of why I love my family so much. (They’re weirdos.)

2017-04-12 12.00.19


K. Byeeee!



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