Wake Up Call #30

Good morning sleepyheads! We are home from our fabulous vacation! It was filled with sightseeing, eating, drinking, family, and laughter and love! As much fun as we had on our vacay, I have to say that I am happy to be home. I missed my fur babies A LOT. And I'm ready to get back into … Continue reading Wake Up Call #30

An Interview with Emma B.

Hello dear readers, As you may or may not know, I am currently writing a book. More specifically, a young adult novel about a thirteen year-old girl named Emma and her trials and tribulations as she navigates middle school, friendship, and of course, boys. Back in April I set a goal for myself to finish … Continue reading An Interview with Emma B.

Sister, Sister

Honestly guys, I’m having some trouble with words this week. They just don’t seem to want to leave my brain. -_- As a result, I decided to reblog this post about my sister that I wrote when I first started The Married Cat Lady. She’s always yelling at me because I wrote it too soon (when I had a smaller audience), so not as many people have read it—enjoy!

The Married Cat Lady

There is a quote about sisters that I love; it says, “A sister is a little piece of childhood that can never be lost.”

These words ring truer and truer as I get older and older. My sister is a little piece of my childhood; she is my best friend, and she knows me better than anyone else.

Now, before I continue being sappy, I would like to remind anyone reading this, especially if you know my sister and me today, that we have not always been best friends. Only about 9 years ago did we really start liking each other.

Anyone who remembers Rachel and me back in the day probably remembers a lot of bickering, clothes stealing, shouting, and running. Back in those days I truly was the big sister. These days though, Rachel maintains that older sister persona.

But let us travel back in time for a…

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