Sister, Sister

Honestly guys, I’m having some trouble with words this week. They just don’t seem to want to leave my brain. -_- As a result, I decided to reblog this post about my sister that I wrote when I first started The Married Cat Lady. She’s always yelling at me because I wrote it too soon (when I had a smaller audience), so not as many people have read it—enjoy!

The Married Cat Lady

There is a quote about sisters that I love; it says, “A sister is a little piece of childhood that can never be lost.”

These words ring truer and truer as I get older and older. My sister is a little piece of my childhood; she is my best friend, and she knows me better than anyone else.

Now, before I continue being sappy, I would like to remind anyone reading this, especially if you know my sister and me today, that we have not always been best friends. Only about 9 years ago did we really start liking each other.

Anyone who remembers Rachel and me back in the day probably remembers a lot of bickering, clothes stealing, shouting, and running. Back in those days I truly was the big sister. These days though, Rachel maintains that older sister persona.

But let us travel back in time for a…

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