Wake Up Call #27

Hellooooooooo fellow weirdos! Did you sleep well? I hope so. I’m having a little trouble sleeping because we are headed off on vacation later this week, and I’m just so excited! Yippeeeeee!

For this week’s Wake Up Call I have a story my mom told us over the weekend about her dog, Harley. It’s short and sweet (just like Harley), and I think you’ll get a good giggle to start your week off right!

– – –

Mom: Harley can’t go to doggie day care.*

Me: Oh no! Why not?

Mom: Well, he had to have a temperament test, and he kept mounting the dogs.

Me: Oh my God!

Mom: Yeah, first it was a girl dog, and Harley was kind of like, sniff, sniff, and then he mounted her.


Mom: Then they brought in a male dog, and same thing: sniff, sniff, mounted him.

*More laughing*

Me: He doesn’t discriminate his mounting.

Sister: Harley is bisexual!

Mom: Finally, they brought in a dog twice his size**. Still tried to mount him!

*Even more laughing*

Mom: I told the guy at the end, “Well normally he doesn’t like other dogs,” and he was like, “Oh no, he likes them. Just not in the right way.” So yeah, he’s not going to doggie daycare anymore…

*Doggie Daycare: Dog (appropriately) hangs out with other dogs until human picks them up. Like boarding, except much fancier. (Seriously, there’s a TV in the dogs’ rooms! Nellie’s stayed there a couple times. She loves it, but it’s a little $$$.)

**For reference, this is Harley:


Nellie & Harley

Do you have any good pet stories? Share in the comments!

Have an abso-friggin-lutely great week my friends!

PS – A few of you have asked about the doggie wake up call; it’s coming, but probably not until after vacation. 🙂

Copy of Wake Up Call 3


6 thoughts on “Wake Up Call #27

  1. So, you’re a married cat lady, with a dog.? 😀 The only things my beagle used to mount was the kids. She’d follow them around constantly trying to hump their legs, and woe betide them if they ever bent over when she was around. The amount of times I had to tell her to get off them, after hearing them yelling for me and distract her with treats and promises of walkies just so they could run to their rooms and barricade themselves in.

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