Wake Up Call #35

I’m sure everyone was very concerned when the wake up call did not post yesterday, but  I figured with it being labor day, and most people being off of work, I would delay the wake up call and post it on Tuesday.

At least, that’s the story I’m sticking with. 😉

(Yes, yes, I forgot.)

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend, soaking in the last moments of summer! We went to Notre Dame’s opening game and celebrated my grandma’s 93rd birthday!

Prior to these two exciting events, I had a little happy hour with my husband and my friend Katie. Something embarrassing happened there, so of course, that is your wake up call this week.

– – –

Katie and I had planned earlier in the week to have a drink or two on Friday afternoon. I ended up getting out of work a little earlier than I anticipated, so I met the hubs for a drink in the mean time. I grabbed a table while he grabbed us each a bev.

As I was sitting down, I noticed a man at the table across from me looked very familiar. I did a double take, and realized it was my friend Briana’s dad.

Of course, I immediately texted her.

b 01

Here’s how that “Hello” went:

*We make eye contact, and he realizes he knows me, too.*

Dad: *small wave* Hi.

Me: Hi, how are you?!

Dad: Good. I’m sorry I don’t remember your name…

Me: Becca!

Dad: Becca…? Fletcher? Garner?

Me: Haha, yes, Garner! (Formerly, but whatever, not important.) I knew it was something -er.

Me: What are you doing down here? (They live up north.)

Dad: Celebrating *something I can’t hear*

Me: *pretending to know what he said* Nice! Cheers!

And I turned back to my husband, who had arrived with our beverages. I told him the man I was speaking to was Briana’s dad and isn’t that funny, and then I went to get a snack. (This bar has free happy hour snacks on Fridays. It’s awesome.)

As I was meandering back to my table, I realized that one of the men Briana’s dad was sitting with was wearing a windbreaker that had the name of my high school on it.

And then I realized…

b 02

Definitely not Briana’s dad.

b 03

b 06

b 04

I was mortified. Briana’s “dad”/ my teacher was probably like, “What does she mean what am I doing over here? I teach in this town…

I had almost asked about Briana, too. Now that would have been embarrassing.

b 05

Now, it should be noted that at this point my husband had left, and I was waiting for Katie to arrive. I was alone.

Naturally, I pretended to play with the filters on Snapchat and did my best to get a picture of Briana’s “dad”/ my teacher.

2017-09-01 16.02.07

But seriously, come on!

Katie eventually arrived, and I did not speak to Briana’s “dad”/ my teacher again. Thank God.

– – –

Has something similar ever happened to you? Let me know in the comments (and make me feel less alone/ embarrassed)!

I hope everyone has a wonderful, quick week, where you do not mistake a former teacher for a friend’s dad, or embarrass yourself in anyway.

Wake Up Call 3


14 thoughts on “Wake Up Call #35

  1. Yeah, I’ve done that. I was at a Fringe festival and spotted a woman I was pretty sure I knew, but couldn’t really remember from where. I wanted to look harder, but she was doing a demonstration of topless body paint, so that would have looked creepy af. Finally I wandered over and said hi, complimented her on the artwork, etc. We talked for a couple of minutes and then I finally gave up and walked away.

    Meeting up with my friends again later I brought it up and it turned out she was my best friends’ ex-gf (who he still was friends with, but didn’t see much since everyone had gone off to university). She must have thought I was strange for not actually calling her by name or anything for the five minutes we were talking, since we had spent hours talking at parties in the prior couple of years. Very embarrassing!

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  2. HA HA HAAAA….
    With me, it’s more often the contrary – people address me, come over and hug me, and I can’t for the life of me think who they are, from where I know them, nor their names or anything…. I am in contact often with people of other skin colour and they know me much easier because I have really wild, white and long hair, and as I’m quite small, i’m often at the very front of events and therefore never see who is or what’s happening behind me! My Hero Husband is very tall and a quite imposing figure, so the two of us together don’t very often go unnoticed! It’s equally embarrassing… but hey, I always laugh and say, wow, great to see you or something like that and then I try to find out who they are! It’s funny, ain’t it?
    We didn’t have a free day or long weekend but had a stress-filled 3 days with a family get-together in Switzerland which made it a more than 1500km round-trip and many, many glasses of wine, good food, much laughter and some embarrassing moments with family of my in-laws who knew perfectly well who I was and what I was up to (better than myself, I just imagine their tongue wagging….), so I very can freshly rely to your post. Hugs, Kiki

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  3. Thanks to you I now also follow Chance the Rapper—– never heard of him (he’s also not really in the centre of my musical interests but hey, all is good if he does good!)
    Thank You – he has some interesting statements… as long as he doesn’t take himself for God 🙂


  4. Ugh mine was particularly bad because I was accused of being racist during it and let me tell you, I am not!

    I was at the gym, watching the class before mine finish. I catch sight of a new guy who looked JUST like D’Angelo from The Wire. I’m telling you, JUST like him. Anyways, I point him out to my coach who agrees. The two of us pull up a picture of D’Angelo on my phone and uh yeah, we found his normal person doppelganger. The gym man walks towards us and I take that as an opportunity to playfully tell the guy that he looks like one of my favorite characters from this badass TV show I watch and I flash him the picture. WOO did that not go over well. He told me that I was racist and that I just assumed all people of color look the same and spiralspiralspiral it was honestly horrible, I was mortified. Now I never, ever tell people if I think they look like someone else and am incredibly careful to not mix folks up.



  5. He DOES look like Briana’s dad!

    I was at a bridal tea for a friend and was introduced to a young woman (this was years ago) that I knew I knew from somewhere. She was so familiar, although her name didn’t ring a bell with me. I thought maybe she was a gf of one of my bf’s friends or something. I knew I knew her from SOMEWHERE. I chatted with her, and finally said, “I’m sure I know you, but I can’t think how.” She got all weird and stiff and said, “No, we’ve never met,” and quickly ended the conversation and moved on. I felt really strange about it. It was like she knew me, but either didn’t want to acknowledge it, or she was upset that I couldn’t remember. Awkward.

    A couple of days later, the mom of the bride called me to say that she had overheard what happened, and that I should not worry about it. Turns out, the young woman had been on one of the early seasons of MTV’s “The Real World” and the show had shown her in a particularly bad light. Ever since, people have recognized her, and she is embarrassed about it. I don’t remember ever watching that show, but apparently I did. The mom told me that it was nothing personal, just that she gets that all the time.

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