Wake Up Call #40

Happy Monday my friends! It’s finally starting to feel like fall over here!

I hope you had a glorious, relaxing weekend.

I did… until right now as I write this… there is a squirrel making weird noises in the tree outside my window… and he’s staring at me. Oh no…

giphy (8)

I would like to dedicate this squirrel to my mom and my aunt.

Let’s hope no squirrels start your week off weird!

– – –

Friend 1: I found my ex-boyfriend on Facebook!

Friend 2: Is he still in a music… position?

Friend 1: In a band, you mean? I don’t know, but he’s definitely making video game videos on YouTube. And he posted a really long rant about abortion.

Friend 2: Dodged a bullet.




“I got distracted by the shart!”



“My friend is pretty bald, and he realized that he needed to propose to his girlfriend before he was totally bald– you know, so she’d still marry him. When he got down on one knee to propose, he held the ring out with one hand, and covered the top of his head with the other.”



Boy: Saturdays are for the boys!

Girl: No, Saturdays are for the boobs!!

Boy: Yeah, can’t argue with that…

(I should specify that they were adults, not children.)



“Whenever my husband and I play trivia, our team name is ‘Toy Story 2 was an OK movie.'”



Friend 1: Dude, what happened? When did your dog get so fat?!

Friend 2: Hey. That’s pretty rude.



Husband: When are you guys officially moving in [to your new house]?

Friend 1(husband): Well, we got the U Haul for Sunday, so any day after that…

Husband: So… Sunday?

Friend 2(wife): [Husband], you can’t keep it as long as you want! You only get the one day!

– – –

FYI Squirrel is still there. He’s making a different noise now, and he looks like he’s lying down for a snooze. Send help.

Wake Up Call 3


10 thoughts on “Wake Up Call #40

  1. Keep watching that squirrel. If I have learned anything from my cat, it’s that you have to maintain eye contact with all squirrels in the vicinity. I love their little cute faces.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Totally agree. I went from admiring them cute little fellers to hating them. In England, they took over the birds’ houses/feeders, emptied them and nothing got them to leave. The racket they make is rather impressive for such little beasts….
        But then we also had a dear neighbour’s cat who took it upon himself to ‘own’ the bird feeder. If it wasn’t the squirrels it was him lording over our garden. What a nuissance!!! (And the amount of birds feed we bought, lost to those thieves and replaced daily….) 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • So English squirrels don’t make those noises. I only started to hear it when I got to Canada. They are sooo loud!

        I don’t feel like I’ve had a proper walk unless I’ve heard a squirrel screaming at me to get out of its territory!

        I still think they are cute though.

        Liked by 1 person

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