Wake Up Call #41

Good morning! Welcome to another edition of the wake up call, and another week of your life.

Who had a good weekend? I spent Saturday celebrating love at my friend Katelyn’s wedding with all my girlfriends. There are few things in life better than celebrating, singing, and dancing with these amazing women.

2017-10-14 18.59.10 HDR

High fives all around!

Well, that and being weird in weird pants with my husband.

2017-10-14 10.34.23

He’s so lucky.

I hope that you celebrate the things and people that you love in your life this week.


– – –

Me: I got a job!

Sister’s boyfriend’s friend (basically, a stranger): Wow, you’re an adult now, congratulations.

Me: I’m already an adult.

*Stranger nods.*

Me: For real, I’m a full-blown adult– I have a job, and a car, I’m married, and I have a dog!

Stranger: You ARE legit adulting.

Me: I know.



Friend 1: A 60 year-old man was sitting next to me at the bar, and I was talking to him a little bit. He asked what I did for a living and I told him I was a nurse, and he said to me, “You’re like the perfect Pornhub search: a blonde nurse from the Midwest.”

Friend 2: That’s a very specific search.



Me: [Friend 1], tell us a knock-knock joke.

Friend 1: What? Why?

Me: Just do it!

Friend 1: Ok… Knock, knock.

Friend 2: Who’s knocked up?

Friend 1: That’s not a good joke…

Friend 2: No, me!

(My friend is pregnant and I am SO excited for that little bambino!!)



Boyfriend*: I just bought this shirt. My mom said it makes me eyes look pretty.

*My sister’s boyfriend, not mine, obviously.

– – –

One more thing before I send you on your way for the week: I’ve decided to share the Wake Up Call love with others, so, if one of your friends, or your brother, or your girlfriend says something ridiculous, and you think it would be great for a wake up call, submit it HERE. (The form asks for your name and email, but don’t worry, none of your information will be shared.)




Thoughts? Do tell!

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