Wake Up Call #42

Who remembers these guys?

good charlotte.jpg

Hubs and I were out for a little Sunday Funday yesterday at a bar called The Anthem, which, naturally, inspired us to burst out singing and dancing to Good Charlotte’s “The Anthem.” (Also, this is why I married him.)

Now, I can’t post videos directly on my blog because I’m a noob and have the free version of WordPress, but I’ll just leave the link HERE. (I learned how to do it! Thanks Giggles!!)
Go ahead, listen to it and indulge your punk-ish thirteen year-old self– or, if you weren’t thirteen in 2002, just rock out and enjoy the song. Either way, it’ll start your week on a good (Charlotte– ha!) note.

I mean, how could you not? Catchy tunes, and this week’s wake up call?! You lucky ducks!

– – –

I got my period on Saturday and started crying when the Irish Dancers performed… It was so moving.



The guy pumping my gas came to my window and said, “You ever notice how it’s hot during the day and cold at night? It’s just crazy.” I had no idea how to respond.



I had a huge poop on Friday morning. I don’t know what I ate on Thursday… Actually, yes I do. I ate pizza and Taco Bell…



I didn’t burp until I was in high school.



Friend 1/ Girlfriend: You have great childhood stories. Like how you named your–

Friend 2/ Boyfriend: Don’t.

Me: Tell me. You have to now.

Girlfriend: He named his feet.

Me: Tell me. Tell me now.

Boyfriend: I didn’t have a lot of friends in kindergarten… My left foot was Buzzo, and my right foot was Beth…

*I pick up my phone.*

Boyfriend: If you write that down and put it on your blog. I’m going to kill you.

Me: I’m going to say you said, “I’m going to punch you.” I don’t want people to think my life was being threatened.

Boyfriend: I’m going to punch you right in the nose.

– – –

Ok guys, have a great week!! Want to keep to good vibes coming? I suggest you continue rocking out to some early 2000’s music. Sk8er Boi, anybody?!

P.S. I only got one submission for the wake up call last week…. so… get on that guys!!! (All submissions are anonymous.)


Click HERE.

10 thoughts on “Wake Up Call #42

  1. Love it!! Great song to wake up to!!

    But you can add videos to your blog – when I was just starting out I took a course and it helped me learn all this stuff. I still have a free WordPress plan so I can say it totally works. Just copy and paste the youtube link into your blog but it has to be on its own line.

    like this.

    And it should work! 🙂 Hope that helps!

    Liked by 1 person

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