Decisions, Decisions

Like most Millenials , I love fall, and I love Halloween. Last Saturday, I hosted a Hocus Pocus viewing party. Naturally, we had snacks, a specialty drink, and I was wearing this sweater:

Photo Oct 04, 6 20 36 PM

Worth every penny

Of course, we barely watched the move, and we realized it’s actually very short, and that it scares Katie.

giphy (10)

Yep, this part scares her. (Source)

And, Binx and Dani’s “love connection” creeps out Rachel.

giphy (11)

I mean, he’s about 315, and she’s eight… (Source)

But, none of this made me love it any less.

giphy (12)

My face when you say you don’t like Hocus Pocus. (Source)

Anyways this post isn’t about Hocus Pocus… I have a Halloween party to attend on Saturday, and the hubs and I need a costume.

Steve and I have been together for five years, and we’ve never done a couples costume. Not once.

The first Halloween we were together (2012), we went to  party at a hotel downtown. (It was lame and Steve and I got into our first fight, actually, but that’s besides the point.) I dressed up as a flapper, and Steve was Waldo (of Where’s fame).


We’d only been dating about a month, so I didn’t want to freak him out by suggesting we do a couples costume. #LaidBackGirlfriend

We must not have done anything in 2013 because I can neither recall dressing up, nor can I find any photos… weird.

I know we didn’t dress up in 2014; this was as festive as Steve got that year:

2014-10-31 20.53.20

2015 brought about one of my favorite costumes ever. Steve had to work, so a couple girlfriends and I were.. wait for it…

2015-10-31 18.40.01-1

The emoji girls!!

And last year, Steve once again had to work; he stopped by the party at our friend’s before he went in but didn’t dress up. Finally realizing my true calling, I dressed up as a cat.

I’d bought the ears to wear to school on Halloween, and really, it was an obvious choice. Maybe not as clever as the emojis, but I loved it.

This year, Steve has secured the night off, so I casually mentioned the idea of doing a couples costume. Shockingly, he was open to the idea!


Despite being very excited about this, and the fact that I love Halloween, I’m pretty low-key on costumes. First, I don’t want to spend a bunch of money. (I spent like $70 on a Playboy costume when I was in college. No one even knew what I was…)


Someone asked me if I was Santa… I was a cigarette girl…

Secondly, I’m not super crafty. Actually, I’m not really crafty at all. However, I am planning ahead somewhat. The cat costume happened the day of the party, and I think the emoji idea came about the night before.

So, here’s where I need your help– What should we be?!

Here’s our criteria: cheap, easy, and preferably uses materials/ clothing I already have in my house.

I found a couple ideas online, but Steve has vetoed most of them. (He may be accepting the idea of a couples costume, but he has his limits, apparently.) His idea was something where we could just do makeup (i.e. he can wear his regular clothes and still participate in Halloween).

Vote for your favorite idea, or give us a new one in the comments!!

Pictures to come in the Wake Up Call on Monday!!

32 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. I am planning to go as Joy from inside out. I was going to get my husband to come as angry…but he has to work…so you can totally steal our idea!

    He just needs a suit and a red wig, you just need a green dress and blue hair!

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  2. Salt and pepper. One person wear all black and the other all white with dots on your faces.
    Old man and old women
    Reverse sexes. You be a man and have him be a woman!

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  3. My husband and I are being lame or low-key this year and just took all of our previous years’ costumes laid them out on a bed and combined them to make something weird haha. I guess I’ll be a space pirate. If you are good at makeup you could always do something with that there’s loads of online tutorials on YouTube :).

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