Wake Up Call #43

Greetings witches, ghouls, and goblins! Happy All Hallows Eve EVE!

I know you’ve all been waiting in anticipation of what Steve and I dressed up as for our party on Saturday, soooooooo….

We were CATDOG!

2017-10-28 19.03.17-1

Danny and Sandy from Grease definitely got the most votes, but the hubs was not interested in being Danny Zuko (which I just don’t understand).

Thank you to everyone who voted and/ or gave a different idea; it was so much fun reading them!

– – –

Sister: We used to kiss our Hanson poster, and ONE TIME I kissed Isaac, and Becca told everyone. I was so mad because Isaac was gross.

(Sorry Sis, I told everyone again.)



Things I shouldn’t be saying to my husband: “Are you talking about Demi Lovato’s boobs again?!”



We were taking a shower and things were getting… romantic… and I was like, “Oh my God! Wait! I have to tell you about the grade A parking spot I got at Mariano’s!”



I want to be the guy who gets stoned and names candles. No one sober smelled this candle and thought, “This one smells like sweater weather.” Put it on my list of careers.



Friend: I saw a thing on Twitter that said to name your vagina using the last movie you watched.

Me: Oh my God! The Big Sick!

Friend: Mine was Sweet Home Alabama!

(I also shared this on Twitter and others shared theirs: La La Land, Moana, and Bridget Jones’s Diary.)

– – –

Have a spook-tacular week everyone! I’d love to hear about your (or your kids’) costumes in the comments!

giphy (13)

And of course, my weekly reminder for wake up call submissions! I got two last week, which was double what I got the week before; let’s keep that trend going!



16 thoughts on “Wake Up Call #43

  1. Cute costumes! You are lucky your hubby will dress up. Mine is not a costume kinda guy! Our costumes this year…. My Oldest (14) is going as a Hip Princess Belle. She looks gorgeous in her costume! I will post on Insta tomorrow! My youngest (7) is going as a Pirate! A ‘Fashion’ Pirate she calls it… LOL and I promised the girls that I would dress up as ‘Trendy Malelificent’.

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  2. You two look super cute! I’m not one for dressing up, but my kidlets were out last weekend and purchased a hippo onesie for me because they love me that much haha. It has a crown attached to the hood (which is the hippo face) and then a removable tutu. I shall be wearing it tomorrow while I take them out around the neighbourhood. I’m so happy that its super fuzzy and warm because it’s supposed to be very chilly. The kidlets are going to be: a horse, a unicorn, a pickle and the boy hadn’t picked a costume when I talked to him last.

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