Wake Up Call #46

Good morning!! Did everyone have a merry weekend? I sure did! Saturday we hosted our annual Christmas party, and, if I do say so myself, it was our most successful yet! But more on that later this week. 😉

Can you believe it’s Christmas next week?! No, me neither! So, read your wake up call, do some shopping, eat some cookies, and remember friends, Santa is watching!

– – –

I can’t do a duck face… It’s more like a platypus.

Me: Ooohhh let’s see what kind of man I need based on my food preferences

Husband: Yeah that seems like the appropriate thing to do in a bar full of people.

Why does she keep jumping over stuff? I think it’s the holidays…

There’s no kneeler things, so like, we’re not doing catholic aerobics are we?

What  is a cowboy– like is it a good person?

Sister: Why does it have ears and antlers?

Me: Antlers are not ears.

Sister: …What are you writing down?!

– – –

Ho ho ho-ve a great week everyone!


Thoughts? Do tell!

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