Guys. I have been such a slacker on the blog front lately. I don't know if it's been the craziness of the holidays or what, but I didn't write a wake up call, or a regular blog post this week. And, I haven't been nearly as active as I should be in the blogging community. … Continue reading Slacker

Wake Up Call #44

It's baaaaaaack!!!!! Hello beautiful people! The Wake Up Call is officially back, and I don't know about you, but I really missed it! Before we jump in, I have just one quick thing to share: One of my NaNo posts (I don't remember which. Possibly the one where I was complaining.) was my 100th post … Continue reading Wake Up Call #44

Hello. The Married Cat Lady’s First Anniversary!!

You guys!! Today is my very first blogiversary!! As you know, I'm taking a short hiatus from the blog (see here for more info), but as a special blog-birthday treat, I thought I'd share my very first blog post on The Married Cat Lady. This is especially fitting for anyone meandering over from Suzie Speaks … Continue reading Hello. The Married Cat Lady’s First Anniversary!!